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First Move Furnishaid Limited This is a charitable company under First Move. Established in 4th March 1997, its aims are two fold. One is to provide recycled furniture to people on low income across the Great Yarmouth Borough. This is done through collecting donated furniture from across the Borough, and displaying it in our warehouse for people to buy. Proof of benefit is required upon purchase.


The second aim is to provide training opportunities for people in refurbishment of furniture. We are always in need of good quality beds, three piece suites, fridge/freezers, electric cookers and washing machines. We visit donors to inspect items that are offered to us before we take them away. We retain the right to refuse items due to trading standards. Demands for collection of furniture has grown and we are usually booked up by a week to a week and a half ahead.


We usually collect in the afternoon between 1 - 3 p.m. We collect only within the Borough of Great Yarmouth. We are not a free tipping service!!! Call Great Yarmouth Borough Works at (01493) 846 846 if you wish for someone to pick up items for the tip or your friendly Yellow Pages for a private contractor.